Flute Lessons

I believe that everyone can learn confidence, discipline, and the joy of self-expression through studying music. I offer both traditional and Suzuki flute lessons and it is my job and my joy as an educator to tailor my teaching style to meet the varying needs, goals, and interests of each individual student.

Beginner Lessons

Beginner flute students may choose to take either Suzuki or traditional flute lessons. I use the Suzuki Flute Books with other supplementary songs and exercises. I take care to cultivate both a strong technical foundation and a love of musical discovery in my beginning flute students.

Advanced Lessons

My advanced students study a broad selection of repertoire and are encouraged to participate in summer festivals and ensembles. In addition to studying solo pieces, my advanced students also receive guidance in preparing their parts for ensembles , auditions and exams.

Lessons for Adults

Adult students’ lessons are tailored to their individual interests and goals. Anyone is welcome whether dusting off their old flute, discovering the joys of flute playing for the first time, or seeking help with trickier technical challenges.

Piano Lessons

My piano students get a solid foundation in piano technique as well as basic music theory.  I generally use Alfred’s Young Beginner series or Faber Piano Adventures depending on the needs of the individual student.  Students also play additional supplemental music according to their interests.

Teaching Locations

In-Person Lessons in Shrewsbury

Online Lessons in the United Kingdom and the United States

Buying a Flute

I recommend Yamaha, Jupiter and Trevor James flutes for beginner students.  There are cheaper flutes out there but they tend to be a false economy due to flimsy construction and need frequent and expensive repairs.  Buying used flutes online can also be risky as they may not be in good condition.  For those looking for a budget option reputable flute vendors like Just Flutes sell well maintained pre-owned flutes.

Children under 9 years old may need a curved head joint depending on the length of their arms. I am happy to asses the need for a curved head joint before you purchase a flute.

More advanced students looking for an upgrade please contact me.  I would be happy to recommend brands and models in line with your goals and price range.

Buying a Keyboard

It is important to get a keyboard with weighted keys in order to play expressively and develop good piano technique.